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Camille Hayes

Camille has been working as a professional graphic designer for over 10 years, but has been creating art since she could hold a pen. Her background in illustration gives her a broader approach to her design process, and allows her to ‘design in real-time’ on a designer-client basis. She understands and values the collaboration with customers in the beginning stages of the design process, as well as the continued communication throughout the project. Camille is a real people-person, so working with her on your app ideas will be a fun and awarding process.

Creating iconography and logotypes has become one her favorite aspects of mobile app development and she is looking forward to helping you create custom graphics for your app ideas. One-of-a-kind customization is an important aspect for ensuring your app stands out in the marketplace, Camille will make this happen for your app design, while still upholding all the tenets of agile 360 development.
When Camille isn’t designing, you can probably find her walking her basset-dachshund mix Samson, checking out some live music or standing behind her easel slinging paint while bands play onstage.