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Importance of Building an MVP app and Tips on How To Do It

As an entrepreneur, what brings you joy is getting your product to your target customer in no time. Gone are the days when you only get your products sold in the market. One of the easiest ways to go about selling your product is building an app and getting to interact with your consumers virtually. The internet has now become a virtual market place. This article is for those who have great app ideas and don’t know how to develop them. Appsketiers is that company that can help with the realization of your dreams.

We used to write this down by saying, ‘move fast and break things.’ And the idea was, unless you are breaking some stuff you are not moving fast enough.

-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

What is an MVP?

In mobile app development, minimum viable product refers to the very basic version of an application. It is an application development technique where a new product is developed with sufficient features enough to satisfy initial users of the app. Simply put, minimum viable product is producing a product with limited features or reduced features.

In essence, MVP is intended to save time and resources, but shouldn’t result in a bad product. The complete set of features of the app is only developed after feedback from the product’s initial users have been considered.

When launching an app, the major focus should be on the users of the app. Entrepreneurs need to understand that their desires are not the same as their consumers. Therefore, in designing an app, entrepreneurs should follow the User-Centered Design approach. Let your users be your testers! With their opinions you gain valuable knowledge.

Why should you build an MVP app?

Most often, an MVP app is usually a prototype of a major app. While there are many reasons why an entrepreneur should first build an MVP app, here are some of the top points to consider:

  • It allows you to test your business idea by getting a version of your product to the market.
  • It saves you the cost of marketing because you are able to gather enough information from initial users that give you an idea of what they want.
  • It takes less time to build an MVP app rather than an app with fully loaded features.
  • Being informed about user needs, it helps you to invest in features that are more in use.
  • If you are lucky enough, you might even start generating great revenue from your initial product fueling growth, marketing, and updates.

Tips on Building Your MVP App

An MVP app is more like a foundation upon which the future of your business is built. Therefore, it is important that you carefully build a first-class MVP app. Consider these tips while building one:

  • Define your MVP with a realistic roadmap: You can identify critical features that satisfy core needs of your customers. This will help set a clear path for the development of your product.
  • Do the necessary competitive research: There are products similar to yours. Do a research to identify the specific market they serve and their value proposition. This helps you to be unique and better. Just because their is competition, it does not mean you should always worry. Many businesses thrive by doing something better than the rest!
  • Start selling your product before you make it: An effective MVP strategy is to start selling your product before it is made. This is a great way of getting product feedback and testing the market.
  • Focus on Customer Service and PR early: Reach out to your early adopters, engage them in social media and offer ample customer support. They are the ones to spread the good news about your product. Therefore, be nice to them.

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