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Why User Experience is the Lifeline of Mobile App Development

For any mobile app to succeed and compete favorably in today’s changing technological environment, app developers must keep their end users in mind . User experience has become the yardstick by which we measure the relevance of an application. No one wants to use a confusing or lackluster app that doesn’t solve any of his or her problems. Furthermore, you can have an amazing idea that ultimately fails due to a lack of implementation. That’s why many apps are uninstalled immediately after the first download. Therefore a well thought out UX is paramount to your app’s success.

  •    Customers Will Keep Coming For more.

This is known as brand loyalty. An excellently designed application translates to a good user experience. In a market where there are thousands of applications in the same niche, a bad one can become stigmatized forever. Don’t confuse this with saying everything must be perfect from the beginning. Minimum Viable Products or MVP’s are almost a requirement today. Just make sure that if you are offering a product, your customers have an easy to use interface and experience. Features can always be added later after you see how users will react.  


  •    Reduced Cost of Providing App Support

Even in a scenario where app users cannot do without your product due to lack of a better option, you will always have calls for help. Especially once your app grows in popularity, there will be a need to expand the support desk staffing to cope with the requests. Why increase your support cost when you can curb questions with simply adding a great interface. The point here is spend the time and money upfront to reduce you and your company’s time and cost commitment later. 


  •    Customers Satisfaction Improves Business.

The customer is king. It is better to have just one customer who is extremely satisfied than to have a million of disgruntled customers. The first impression of the app must be able to convince users of the usefulness and reliability of the app. Ensuring your app make users happy will guarantee the existence of the business. Just remember that your users know best and you will continue to create successful apps!


  •    Increasing Turnover and Market Position

Standing tall among the numerous competitors out there is the only way to be successful. User experience is a simple and easy way to differentiate your app. You might offer the same service, product, or other information but if you can do it in a way that is either easier to navigate or more engaging you will beat the competition. A great user experience will, therefore, keep your app relevant and satisfying.

About Appsketiers:

At Appsketiers, we understand the importance of user experience. Rely on the expertise of our team. Our designers have worked with Pixar, Duke University, AT&T, Hilton and many more. We build apps that users enjoy and find easy to understand. We are UX specialists with the knowledge of what it takes to retain customers’ loyalty.  

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